Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Midsomer Murders

John Nettles, sometimes described as the best James Bond we never had [by me].
 The shop has just been inundated by a coach load of Danish people who are on a week long Midsomer Murders tour of Oxfordshire and the Cotswolds.  Lovely people and obviously very much into their Midsomer Murders.  I'm more of a Bergerac man myself and several of the Danish visitors agreed that Bergerac may have the edge over MM.  I was at pains to explain that Midsomer Murders, although entertaining, is not true to life as we don't have that many murders around here.  Famous last words.

Did you know that the hardest phrase to say in Danish is 'strawberry porridge with cream'?  Next time you speak to a Dane ask them to say it.  Damn near impossible.

Midsomer County aka somewhere around here - would make a good teatowel, mmm...


  1. I wonder whether coachloads of British tourists will soon be descending on the location of Danish TV cop thriller, The Killing? That would be ironic, ha!

    How do you know about the 'strawberry porridge with cream' tongue-twister?

  2. Hi Richard,

    Really showing our age with the 'Bergerac' comment, aren't we???

    You, because you mentioned it in the first place, and me, because I can remember it well!!

    I'm not going to even mention the 'strawberry porridge with cream' affair, it's obviously very personal to you!!


  3. I don't see Midsomer Magna on the map?