Saturday, 16 April 2011

Lyne Down Cider

As I was in Gloucester I had a wander through the excellent Farmers' Market, that is held every Friday in the city centre.  After a good browse I bought some cider from Lyne Down cider, who are based near Ledbury, Herefordshire;  two bottles of single variety cider [a dry and a medium sweet] and a bottle of perry.  I tried some of the cider last night and it is very good. 

One day I am going to apply for a liquor licence so I can sell locally produced cider and beer in the shop.  How it will be received I wonder?  I'm trying a glass of my own scrumpy at the moment and I don't think it's very commercial!


  1. I'd report you to Health and Safety (or even the police) were you to start selling your own stuff to an unsuspecting public. Unless you marketed it as some sort of vinegary cooking condiment.

  2. Hi Richard,

    Not sure about buying your own produced scrumpy. Sounds reminiscent of days when hubbie was away working at RAF Locking, and arrived home most weekends with a gallon container of the 'rough stuff', rough heads and stomachs the next day, that's all I can remember.

    Locally PROFESSIONAL produced ciders and ales, are really popular at the moment. That might well be worth a try, I think it would be very popular with locals and tourists alike.