Saturday, 11 December 2010

Indian Wrestling

Today an Indian family came into the shop.  They were very interesting people and I was amazed by how many languages they spoke, each having six to eight in total.  Along with Hindi and English they also spoke two or three local languages and two or three regional languages!  I've always wanted to go to India and find the sub-continent's culture and history fascinating.

I asked the family about Indian wrestling and the men were big fans.  Indian wrestling appears to be a great sport and training for it is arduous.  Over the last couple of years I have employed some of the exercises used in Indian wrestling, namely the dand [aka Hindhu press-up] and the bethak [aka Hindhu squat] .  I've also acquired an Indian mace,or Gada, which is good fun to use if a little exhausting.  Despite this I've never tried the wrestling itself and would probably last a few seconds against even the most junior of opponents.

Meeting so many people from all over the world in this one little village gives me a real thrill, so long may it last!

My Gada.

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  1. That mace work was pretty impressive in the film. BTW I thought the chap looked rather like you when you were younger and had the mop of curly hair.