Saturday, 20 November 2010

Feeding the Ducks

Bibury could be called the wedding capital of the Cotswolds.  A sort of Las Vegas in limestone.  There can be up to ten weddings in a weekend here so we become very used to wedding parties parading through the village.  It certainly cheers me up seeing so many well dressed people enjoying themselves.  The couple in the photograph above were married this morning and had a photo call on the medieval clapper bridge which leads to Arlington Row.  The were asked by their photographer to feed the ducks.  He supplied several loaves of bread until he had enough shots and I think even the greediest of ducks was quite full.

I've just sold a bookmark and four Bibury coasters to a couple of Rome.  When they said where they were from Rome I thanked them for building some of the roads around here.  It just slipped out.  They were amused and I think secretly pleased!


  1. Hi Richard,

    My niece's wedding is in Bibury next September. She was hoping for 'exclusive', but I think your post has just knocked that on the head!

    I don't think I ought to tell her about the 10 weddings a weekend!!!

    My brother has paid some ridiculous sum of money for exclusivity of 'The Swan Hotel' for the whole day and night, so I guess that may narrow it down a bit .... here's hoping.

    You must have the fattest ducks in the country up there!!


  2. Hi Yvonne

    Don't worry as there's lots of room and they are all quite spread out both in terms of time and location! I have spoken to lots of people who have been to weddings at the Swan and they have all been delighted. You'll have a great time!

  3. Hi Richard,

    It's good to know that the hotel has quite a good reputation.

    We did have quite a nice bar meal there,just to try out the food and the cottage accommodation looked good (coming up from Somerset, we are staying over for a couple of nights).

    As for the setting and scenery, you can't help but get some great photo's, can you?