Monday, 3 May 2010

Otter day trip

On the topic of the return of wildlife, whilst walking past the trout farm the other day I noticed a lady with a car full of otters. I wish I'd asked where she was going with them. A few guesses:

1. Is it possible to hunt mink with a pack of otters? That avoids the ban on hunting with dogs.

2. A trip to the trout farm with a family of otters would be a big hit. But how does someone get in a position to treat otters? (And you'd get banned from the farm pretty quickly.)

3. Perhaps then it was a day trip from the otter refuge (but isn't there a risk they'll run away?)

4. Weren't there otter noses for sale in the stadium in Life of Brian? And there's an ice cream van parked up nearby. Leave that one there.

5. Travelling otter circus uses unmarked car.

I really wish I'd asked.


  1. Woah, being taken to a trout farm if you're an otter, that's like being chucked into the jacuzzi at the Playboy Mansion if, errr, you're quite keen on tottie.

  2. I wonder whether a jacuzzi would make a good fish kettle? It would be very efficient as you could cook your dinner while you bathed.