Thursday, 29 April 2010


Hello there and welcome to my blog.

I thought I'd set it up so I can share the various bits and bobs that occur to me whilst I'm working away in my shop, often looking dreamily out onto a stream and some cottages, one of the nicer bits of what is reputedly one of the most beautiful villages in England.

Through my post office counter I interact with most of the people who live around here. Through my shop, which sells gifts and refreshments, I get to meet a lot of the tourists who come to Bibury from all over the world. When I'm not working here I'm at my farm just upstream from the village, where I keep sheep along with a few chickens, a veg garden, a couple of dogs and a cat. And last but most importantly I have a lovely wife and two little girls.

Which is all by way of introducing myself as well as letting you know what sort of topics you can expect to find here. Other than that I've no idea what I'll post and even less idea whether it will interest anyone. But here goes anyway!


  1. Hey Richard or should I now call you Dicky?! I seem to have stumbled upon your blog! Great idea! Being that we are still relative newcomers to the village, I am looking forward to getting a different perspective on the comings and goings in Bibury! Liking what I am reading so far. Keep it up! Best wishes and see you soon.

  2. Hi Richard,

    I only just came across your blog, through a 'Twitter' message, but wish I had known about it before.

    I have quite a few regular visitors to my blog, bot English and overseas and I have added you to my blogroll, so hopefully a few new visitors will stop by your site soon.

    We live down on the Somerset/Wiltshire/Dorset border now, but lived up in the Cotswolds many years ago, in Carterton, when my husband was in the RAF and stationed at Brize Norton.

    We were in Bibury just the other day, after visiting some nearby National Trust properties. My family live in Swindon and my niece has just booked her wedding for next year at 'The Swan Hotel' in Bibury, so we stopped off for a meal, to check the place out.

    Next time we are up, I will be sure to stop by and see you.


  3. Hi Yvonne

    Please call in when you are next in Bibury - it would be great to see you. Hope you enjoyed your lunch in the Swan - the chef is from Carmarthen and is a source of fascinating info and tips regarding food!

    Best Wishes